What We Offer

We are pleased to offer some additional services.

Home Owners Network Gift

RBS&K Home Inspectors, Inc. is pleased to offer a one year membership to the Home Owners Network’s “Live Technical Support for Your Home”® service FREE with all home inspections – a $199 value.

Home Owners Network membership provides you with live technical support for your home. With instant expert advice at your fingertips, home ownership is a manageable, satisfying endeavor.

How to get this offer

After your home inspection, the inspector will ask if you are interested in this offer. If you are, all that will be required is an email address. Home Owners Network will then email a username & password for you to access your free gift, a one year membership to Home Owners Network.

Simply log in and submit your question either on the Home Owners Network website or through Home Owners Network’s Ask the Expert App and your question will be answered by Home Owners Network’s live Expert Panel.

Home Owners Network members will receive a monthly newsletter with home tips, maintenance advice and special offers to help you take better care of your home.

Home Owners Network members will gain access to incredible offers and savings on everything you need for your home. Home Owners Network’s Contractor Referral Service will help you find a local contractor when issues need expert attention.

We offer a 100 day $500 warranty, RecallCheck and building permits.

With each inspection we offer a $500.00 home warranty that is effective for 100 days from the inspection date. If we said the stove was in working order and it goes out on the 90th day with a $300.00 fix, the warranty covers the problem.

RecallCheck is an appliance recall reporting system. After adding the model # and the serial # of an appliance in the house to a web page, RecallCheck monitors the appliances for recalls and alerts the client about the problem. The client can then call the manufacture and get the problem fixed for free.

We do a building permit search on every house we inspect and attach our findings to the inspection report.

Residential Warranty


Warranty Validation

* Be sure to click the validation button above to activate your 90Day Warranty within 15 days of your inspection.