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Home Owners Network Gift

RBS&K Home Inspectors are pleased to offer a free one year membership (normally $199) to the Home Owners Network, "Live Technical Support for Your Home”® with all home inspections.

Once your home inspection is completed, your inspector will ask for your email address, if you're interested.  HON will send your username & password for your gift, a $199 membership. 
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    HON Membership provides you with technical support for your home.  Submit your question either on the HON website or through HON's Ask the Expert App.  Attach a photo to your question, if possible.  Your question will be answered by HON's Expert Panel.

  HON Members will receive a monthly newsletter with home tips, maintenance advice and special offers to help you take better care of your home.
 HON members will gain access to incredible offers and savings on everything you need for your home.  HON's Contractor Referral Service will help you find a local contractor when issues need expert attention.  HON will also send you a monthly newsletter with helpful tips.

Additional information:
HON's "Technical Support For Your Home"® App