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Aluminum Wire Repair


Aluminum Wire Repair, Inc.

Bob Molinaro

Work 720-299-4706

Mobile 303-619-7667

Animal Control


A All Animal Control

Work 303-452-2113


Animal Control Specialist

Work 303-840-9922



Jennifer McCain

Vectra Bank

Work 720-947-8246   

Basement Repair / Includes Mold


Complete Basement Repair

Work 303-805-8751

Fax 303-841-1082

Note: Repairs foundations, mold, does peering etc.



Earthwise Cleaning

Cynthia Zeito

Work 303-501-6050

Note: Cleans houses, new construction and commercial buildings

Chimney Sweep


Chimney Sweeps of America

Work 303-973-7376


CD Drywall & Remodeling LLC


Work 303-478-8005

Electrical Contractors


Inspectors Choice Inc

Joseph Chiappone

Work 303-841-3216

Mobile 303-941-3667


McBride Electric

Work 303-761-6176

Fax 303-761-5042

Garage Door Repair and Replacement


Creative Garage Door

Nathan Woodard


Gas Fireplace Repairs


Quality Fireplace Solutions

Work 303-946-6535

General Contractor


Steve Rohrer

Work 303-333-6336

Cell 303-229-3060



Buddy's Handyworks

Buddy Hendrickson

Work 303-550-7327

Heating/Air Conditioning


Moore Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

James Moore

Work 303-680-5300

Note: Does repair and new installations

Heating Hot Water Systems


Greg Kimball

Work 303-730-6725

Mobile 303-995-7497

Note: Does repair and new installations


Tricia Deml

Eco Plumbing & Boiler Company

Work 720-435-7529

Homeowners Insurance


Trinity Clancy

Infinity Insurance Strategies

Work 303-495-9669


Jim Gilliland

Shelter Insurance

Work 303-380-1551

Hot Tub Repair


Spa Brokers

Work 303-745-7510


Interior Design


Trish Bradley

Three Horse Design

Work 303-243-0728  



Advanced Mudjacking & Grout Inc.

Work 303-424-9441

Main 303-424-9147



Chris' Home Finishing Services

Chris Tippin

Work 720-297-9617


Tim Adams

Work 303-696-1214

Mobile 303-817-1997

Plumbing Leak Detection


American Leak Detection

Work 303-934-8325



Tricia Deml

Eco Plumbing & Boiler Company

Work 720-435-7529


Greg Kimball

Work 303-730-6725

Mobile 303-995-7497


Aurora Plumbing

Work 303-695-4675

Note: If it involves water they do it /except for water heaters.


Ryan Winfrey

Work 720-933-2538

Polybutylene Pipe Repair


Replumb Specialties

Work 1-719-495-9090



Armando Guzman

Print Made Easy

Work 303-932-1603

Radon Mitigation


Steve Shaw

Reliant Radon Solutions

Work 303-304-6042

Roofing Repair


Bernie Rita

Reitz Roofing

Work 303-466-0161


Toby Ettig

Work 303-888-8202

Septic and Well Inspection


Honey Bee

Work 303-648-3558


C& P

Work 303-688-9201

Note: They only do septic

Security Systems


Robert Woyar

Source of Security

Work 303-800-1207  

Sewer Line Repairs


Bell Plumbing & Heating

Work 303-757-5661


Dirt Works

Work 303-914-0130

Scoping Sewer Lines


Kemper Hipple

Hydro Physics Pipe Inspection

Work 303-806-0622

Fax 303-806-8460

Stucco Repairs / EIFS (Synthetic Stucco)





Quality Walls


Structural Engineer


Ryan Hardesty

Work 303-627-3791


Alex Stone

Stone Structural Consulting

Work 303-861-4499

Tub Repairs (Jet Tubs)


Action Services

Work 303-364-1958

Web Design



Nancy & John Clark

Work 303-WEBSITE
Office 719-541-5300